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The hardest thing to do is letting you go..
It's really painful when I had to force my heart to do so and walk away..

I swear I wouldn't want us to end but after what we've been through and with the current situation, I think at this moment, it's much better for us to walk on our own separate ways. And it's the right time for me to leave since you need to find what is lost in you, you need that alone time and space to figure out the missing part of you. I don't wanna be a burden to you or a mess that's been tangling in your mind. So, it's better off for me to go and don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine without having me by your side..

Dearly, I will always watch you from where I am standing."Once I've started caring for that particular someone, I will never stop caring for him/her." Remember that statement? You used to like it, I know :) By all means, just remember whatever happens, I will never stop caring for you even if I'm far away from you. You will always be the best guy friend of mine ever! And I'm thankful to have known you and got so close to you, and even shared wonderful moments together with you. I couldn't deny I miss the old you where you tend to make me happy with your first and laughter once upon a time ago when there wasn't any complication for us to think about. Now, it's all about pain and torture, right? Every little thing changes, why can't we be as happy as before? Makes me wonder, maybe we were not meant to go on this road just yet. We leapt forward while forgeting all about the consequences. It seemed to be a plain mistake here, to end our friendship with a relationship. Hence, I'm putting a fullstop to this mistake.

It takes a lot of patience and courage to be in this strange triangle of love and I guess I have lost the strength to go on with it anymore. Tell me, how could I possibly be okay when the thoughts of betrayal always fall upon me and by the end of the day, I was always the one who got hurt? I'm tired, my dearies. Forgive me, I'm just tired. While, Idk why it seems hating you is like the least thing that could ever happen in my life. I know, supposedly I should have that 'hate' word in my dictionary, especially towards the person who made me hurt most of the time and cried an ocean of tears non-stop! But yeah, why is it hard for me to have such a hatred feelings towards you when you're actually deserve it? Sigh, I tried but I just couldn't. So hear me, I will never ever hate you and that's that..I can't simply erase you completely, that's for sure..

Tears filled my eyes and this will be the last time I will shed my tears for you, I promise I won't cry anymore. Well, I never meant to make you hurt in every way, I just think this is the best for me to do at the moment. The best for me and you. For one thing, I still trust you with all my heart and you knew that. So don't let me lose this trust. I know, nobody understands us, let it be as it is as long as we understands each other. With a heavy heart, once again I would like to wish goodbye to the love that we once created. You'll never know, maybe someday, it would come back with new hopes and dreams. How I wish it would but it's better to let fate decides.


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WAH..Anugerah Skrin 2009..

wah da lme btol x tlis blog..
da lme btol x berdialog ngan kwn2..
hmm..mungkin dsbabkan kesibukan yg cam hanj..
terpaksa melupakn skjp berBLOGGING in.. just nk upload skit pic2 yg..
tergendalan..n beberapa caption utk..
setiap pic..hehe..enjoy..
ni pic sewaktu aku kne cover ASK09 (anugerah skrin 09)
bertempat di dewan PWTC..bertemakan ala2 arab..
Hikayat 1001 Malam..then aku pkai bju tido la..hehe..

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sebelum mencuci muka..
mahu ramai terpikat dengan kita?
dan sayang akan kita..
even clash pun masih lagi ada
yang nak kita balik..
bacaan 2 kalimah syahadah,
selawat 3 kali,
al-fatihah sekali,
ayat 3 kul sekali..
sebut nama panjang kita
berserta BIN atau BINTI..
dan sebutlah..
"ya allah ya tuhanku, ampunkan segala dosa ku,
dosa kedua ibu-bapaku,
serta muslimin muslimat mu yang lain,
samada yang masih hidup atau sudah meninggal dunia,

"ya allah berilah aku kesihatan yang baik,
naikkanlah segala cahaya seri seluruh tubuhku
yang engkau cipta dengan sempurna,
seseungguhnya aku mahu segala
cahaya seri tubuh badan dan wajahku
menyejukkan setiap mata yang memandang,

then cuci muka dengan
makan jamu untuk bersih darah
dan segala toksin dalam badan :)
huhu.. then kalau boleh..
mandi guna shower..
mata kena buka..
baru bersinar then xyah pakai lens da..
poyo je pakai lens haha.. :P