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He dances himself away in his very own world of wonderland..

"Read my smiles and notice that I'm happy :)
Don't bother about me, i'm fine.
I finally know what I'm doing, I have found the tiny flickering spec of light~* "

Oh look at the date! It's almost April already?! How time flies so fast..I am currently trying to fill my empty hours by finishing my design of new room..Yeah, call me lazy..Until now, I only have one completed plan when there are actually 4 altogether.. This can't be happening to me.. Why am I such a lazy ass, lately? I kept wondering about that every single day.. My laziness mood took control over me! No kidding, when my eyes started to give a sign saying that it's tired and a good sleep is needed, I failed to fight against it.. Oh Eiz, time to wake up! Get back to reality, you're in 22 now! And your career is very very very important, you need to catch up with the others! No more playing! Ahhh, I hate myself for being too lazy to do my work, sigh.. When can I ever change?So, apakan daya…

Thanks To My Acquaintance...

Assalamualaikum murid2..
sudah lama agaknya cikgu tidak berbicara dalam bahasa ibunda..
untuk blog hari ini cikgu mengambil keputusan untuk berbahasa ibunda..
kerana ramai katanya tidak begitu gemar untuk membaca blog cikgu dalam bahasa penjajah..
ok..cikgu malas nak merepek lebih-lebih.. cikgu cuma nak post entry baru kali ini..
sbb post kali ini pelik skit.. cikgu bru bljr beberapa perkataan dalam bahasa bisu..
alhamdulillah cikgu dapat tangkap sedikit beberapa perkataan asas..
so lepas ni cikgu faham lah.. kalau orang istimewa mcm tu berbual tentang apa..
thanks btwy kepada Abg Amri
yang baru cikgu kenal huhu..yela baru..
kerana pinjamkan buku dan ajar cikgu seberapa perkataan tersebut..

a few mute sign language:
this is a different symbol
for I LOVE YOU..
sebab ini I LOVE YOU
dalam bahasa Inggeris

this one for I REALLY LOVE YOU
tapi agaknya si A taw x simbol ni utk diew :p

and this one for
xpun kasi je simbol ni
kepada musuh anda..hehe..
so orang itu akan faham..
tapi x perlulah
bawak coklat seperti say…


the concrete reason is..


where are you now?
your responsibility as a human being?
how old are you?
in your age whats your target plan to be?
you have nothing acqusition..
thats the words you always remind me..
but you actually never get what it means be..

now let me start to realize/realise ur mind:

1: thanks lot god, orphan me but i got full of education without GAGAL..
2: step up by MYSELF, i got my own metal things (like an award) will show you who i am..
3: im the youngest one who making my name to be tough as people see it..
4: tolerant me on my way to be higher..
5: as a younger me..ill touch, already touch the things thats not all people can touch and see even..
6: why jealous me with someone? because i can be extremely friendly..
i just be myself..not copycat..cause i believe i've my own natural attractive..
7: lucky im not using you 100%, if not ill still to be like an puppet and propa infront of you..



POPULAR German pop rock outfit Tokio Hotel is set to play a Malaysian concert date in May. The band is part of the "Everyone Connect With Tokio Hotel" concert, sponsored by national telco TM, at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama, Selangor on May 1.

It is the band's first foray to South East Asia. Formed in 2001, in a town called Magdeburg in Germany, Tokio Hotel's global reputation has been enhanced by recent chart success and tours in the United States after dominating the European music channels for more than two years now with striking video clips and charged-up pop punk tunes.

The band's line-up includes flamboyant frontman Bill Kaulitz, his guitarist twin brother Tom, drummer Gustav Schafer and bassist Georg Listing.

The band's English-language album "Humanoid" has been an international hit since its release last year. It is the band's second English album after the breakthrough "Scream" in 2007.
Exclusive passe…


Here's a note:

This goes out especially to all the visitors of my blog!

If you happen to drop by at my blog, I expect you to be kind and respect me, please.
Don't go and mock me or say something that might offend me! And stop bugging me with your harsh and stupid words!

Get out from my blog if you pleased because
you're simply a mess here!

If you're a friend of mine who is playing around, do tell me whoever you are before I'm getting into a state of enrage! Don't kid around with me!
If not, just get lost Asshole!


The hardest thing to do is letting you go..
It's really painful when I had to force my heart to do so and walk away..

I swear I wouldn't want us to end but after what we've been through and with the current situation, I think at this moment, it's much better for us to walk on our own separate ways. And it's the right time for me to leave since you need to find what is lost in you, you need that alone time and space to figure out the missing part of you. I don't wanna be a burden to you or a mess that's been tangling in your mind. So, it's better off for me to go and don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine without having me by your side..
Dearly, I will always watch you from where I am standing."Once I've started caring for that particular someone, I will never stop caring for him/her." Remember that statement? You used to like it, I know :) By all means, just remember whatever happens, I will never stop caring for you even if…


the conversational
between me and my friend
from Junk Magazine.

Eiz Haranton "Kualiti dan keselesaan adalah gaya hidup saya!"

Why i say that? Because i didn't exactly seem like the can-do type when i first rose into my fashion in this 22 years old.. if before im always confuse which and what actually the clothes will match with me and my skinny type of body..

"Sebenarnya saya seorang yang sukakan sesuatu yang simple, selesa dan yang paling penting mesti seksi dan rock.. kadangkala saya lebih suka hanya tidak mengenakan sebarang pakaian disepanjang hari sewaktu dirumah..saya akan merehatkan badan saya dari menampung pakaian.. saya boleh duduk di dalam dilik dalam tempoh yang lama tanpa berpakaian dan hanya minum teh dan makan biskut sambil menikmati cerita menarik seperti Valentine's Day.."

Why you did decide to make the transition from trendsetter to designer? Because I've always had lots of ideas for things i wanted to make for myself. whenever i was sh…


"Kiah propa dah start dah ni..! Kiah paling x suka manusia terkutuk. Kiah ni dah lama jugak tak carut orang. Alhamdullilah Kiah masih sabar dengan semua2 iteww. Kiah kalau dapat si manusia terkutuk, menang Kiah ganyang macam cekodok pisang. Walaupunnn. Kiah kan dah cakap, biar orang kata kita. Kita x usah dok layan orang2 yg terkutuk ni. Selagi x luka kulit lohong kita, jangan bertindak apa-apa. Kiah pegang prinsip tu sampai detik ini. Syukur jugak sbb Kiah dah rajin "online" dengan Yg Maha Esa. :) Cuma Kiah x dapat nk berhenti mencarut. haha. Maaflah ye. X semua manusia sempurna. Dan yang pasti, Kiah paling x suka manusia PROPA seperti iteww. Best katanya berpolok-polokkan. haha. Kau ada? Maaflah, record perbualan kita malam tadi ada Kiah recordkan. Kiah tengah gigih mencari method utk upload at blog yg x seberapa vass ni. Kiah tengah gelak ni. X shukee. X shukee. hahaha Konon omey sangat lah kenn? Kauu ada? Kiah skang ni cepat sentap. Biasalah, time2 bleeding ni. Mood…

What happens when he's your Prince Charming, but you're not hi's Cinderella?

" Like a deadly poison, you're killing me
softly and silently without even realising it.."

Tonight, I have open my heart and tried my best to stay strong with an undying hope and infinite trust which I know somehow, in any day around, it will soon be shattered.. I wish it wouldn't happen but everything seems to make it worth to break it into pieces.. I was led to a broken door that may put me into misery for the rest of my life if I avoid from forcing myself to put it at its end or the situation stay as it is until it got me stuck forever.. All those hopes and dreams of mine flew away gently with the wind, little by little.. I couldn't chase after them, they were too fast in motion leaving me behind with a silent scream.. With every little drop of tear fell down my cheeks, a scene of you and me was pictured in my mind, beautiful memories were shared, making it easy for me to be blinded by your love and words.. How could I have in mind that you could be the best thi…

Writing A Post!

Note to oneself:

What's the point of writing a post if you're just wasting your time on doing it?

What's the point of writing a post if you have tons of work to be done?
What's the point of writing a post if your head is in a really big mess?
What's the point of writing a post if you feel tired most of the time?
What's the point of writing a post if you're not in a really good mood?
What's the point of writing a post if the person who reads it doesn't bother about you at all?
What's the point of writing a post if you're actually scared on how people gonna react after reading the post?
What's the point of writing a post if people started to judge you in every way?
What's the point of writing a post if it's just for the sake of wanting the attention?
What's the point of writing a post if you're in a state of giving up?
What's the point of writing a post if you wanted to cry but the tears won't come out?
What's the point of…

The Shortest Distance Between Two People Is A Smile :)

Each and every single day, I'm always excited and happy to see you :)

Oh my dearly boy~!
It's like I'm always waiting for you to come and
at least smile sweetly at me without even say a word..


I must say that I see love differently now.. It is still indeed the most precious and powerful thing in the world.. But how I see it now is different from how it was few years back or even last year..

I used to think that love is ALL about owning someone heart and soul, be in control of everything about him, all is about me and nothing else.. and as far as I am concerned, that never really worked for me..

Love is not all about having . It doesn't mean you can't love if you don't have him/her.. It doesn't mean if you have him/her you are loved either.. When you love someone, let him do whatever he/she wants to do..

Love is not about seeing him/her everyday, it's not about texting or calling every minute, it's neither about saying 'I love you' every passing hours.. How I see it now is, love is when you see that someone in your mind and heart every breath you take, it's about feeling secure in her/his heart..

Love is when you know that the person that owns…