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Finally! I'm holiday again! Glad to be holiday and away from my office.. yeah I just leave the so-called hell, back to Kuantan. Went holiday with Abg, Abg Amir, John and Hery Friday 26 Feb on 12am.. (even the holiday planning is have some of trouble #$%^&*) But no matter, we still managed to go Cherating with pretty done to leave the Kuala Lumpur.. :)

mereka yang menyertai~

Chilled out with Abg and Abg Amir at Kampung Pandan 1st just to let our stomach full of ‘makanan’.. seriously I'm getting sick of eating NASI already.. Arrived in Kuantan about 12 pm, supposedly I should going to Cherating in around 8pm with Dean, Ed, and two others unknown people.. but because of %^&* stupidity and cowardness, Dean and he’s group didn't to join us..

So, I had to ask my Abg Amir to pick me up at home, instead. Spent a few packing my stuff and st8 pick up Abg2.. No matter how hard I try manage this holiday and have some trouble for the last minutes but it done with a great moment th…

I Ain't Seasonal!

(this picture are not relate with the story) Two guys I really care for disappoint me in two days. These two guys are alike in some ways. One most common thing they two have is that they only come once in a while. They come when they want, and go whenever they wish to. I am so used to that.

That come and go thing is out of my control. But sometimes I do think of them as in I wonder how they are doing. I know I could get in touch with them if I want to but something forbids me for doing so. It's so complicated and I don't like complications.Funny that how I feel about them is similar too.

I am happy when they get in touch with me but it turns out pretty bad when that happens. They disappoint me with their words and actions. I mean why? We only get in touch like once in 3 months just to be upset ? I wish they would understand.At least appreciate that I still do entertain your calls, chats or texts. I could just ignore if I want to.

I don't want to be a kid but if you only get i…


To whom it may concern,
Congratulations for making myself wrote a report to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) due to picture abuse..
Next step, I'll lodge a police report.. They will hunt you down, ASShole!
Thanks a lot for stealing and faking up my pictures.. If you're reading this, I wanna let you know that I'm not so fucked up with what you have done to me, but you've messed with WRONG PERSON!

Call me biatch, whore or names. I don't even care..
Because you're just a plain asshole who don't deserve to be human..


I missed YOUalot, and i missed the OLD you. I missed the TIMES we had together in the past , and i missed everything that you used to SAY to me. I missed the CONVERSATION we used to have. I missed TEXTING with you on the phone ( eventhough we still are sometimes , but not are frequent like it used to ). I missed your BLACK, shining beautiful hair ( eventhough im still adoring your hair ). I missed your LAUGHTER and giggles. I missed our WITCHY JOURNEY together ( eventhough you are not a practitioner). I missed HANGINGOUT with you. I missed your CARE for me. I missed how INTIMATE we used to be. I missed your SMILES. I missed the PROMISESwe made to each other. I MISSED THE OLD YOU, THE NORZ ZAREEQ I USED TO KNOW & YOU ARE MY BEST BUDS! IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CLOSE YOUR TIRED EYES. INNALILLAH..


Saya seorang budak lelaki..Saya diminati ramai jejaka.. Saya rasa saya hebat bila disayangi ramai dalam satu masa, bagaikan dunia saya yang punya.. Saya mahukan semua, saya tak mahu buat pilihan.. Setiap seorang daripada mereka mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangan masing masing.. Apa yang ada pada di sini, tiada pada yang di sana.. Jadi, buat apa buat pilihan jika kedua duanya boleh saya miliki?

Saya sayang kedua duanya, dan mereka juga sayang saya sangat sangat.. Saya rasa sangat bertuah.. Yang di sini sentiasa ada menemani saya.. Yang di sana pula sanggup melakukan apa sahaja demi saya.. Dia memberi segalanya yang saya mahu.. Dia juga sanggup berhabis duit, tenaga dan masa untuk saya yang dicintainya ini walaupun dia tahu tentang yang di sini.. Saya rasa sangat berkuasa dan berbangga.. Semua perempuan mesti cemburu dengan apa yang saya miliki . :)

Saya seorang Jejaka.. Bila bercinta, saya jujur, ikhlas dan setia.. Saya serahkan segalanya untuk orang yang saya cinta.. Saya tak pernah men…


My least favourite place is the kitchen.. Excuse the fact that I am a boy but im sure too many boys almost there to be coming a cheff.. My family and some of my close friends are already very much aware that I don't like cooking.. There goes my greatest flaw of all as a male hahaha.. Finally it is revealed here, in I AM EIZ HARANTON.. and there goes all the gentlemen who look for a wife who cooks..hmm?? -_-!!
That's not the worse part yet.. The reason that I dislike cooking is said to be ridiculous and unacceptable.. I don't like to cook because I don't like smokes.. I don't like the smokes and the oil from the cooking that could stuck on my hair and clothes.. Real incident : Mom was frying fish, masak ikan goreng, and I ran up upstairs and covered my hair in towel.. The smoke was all over the place ! Okay so now there goes all the mothers of the gentlemen. -_-
Okay let's cut off the drama king episodes of my life.. I am 22 now, I feel like I need to learn to co…


Talk about Valentine's Day.. I don't remember the last time I celebrated it..
Well maybe the last time I actually 'celebrated' it was three years ago I think and it was at college! To think about it now..I am not actually sure if that was a celebration but we did exchanged gifts..Oh we had couple shirts, now I remember!

Since then, I never really have a thought of February 14th anymore..First, I have not had anything steady with anyone for over 2 years now.. On and off thing sure do, but that don't deserve Valentine's Day..Second, It is just another day like any other day to me..Third, I don't really know how do we actually celebrate the day?

Even if I had a Valentine right at this moment, I don't think I would be celebrating it..Again, how do we actually celebrate Valentine's Day..Dinner? Gifts? Make love? How ? But the thought of lover's day is sweet, IF I had a date..Funny thing is that the potential guy who could be my date for this year's…


The words you said clouds my head..
Drowning me in tears near my bed..
Dear Lord, can you take it away?
This pain in my heart just follows me by day..
Why is it hard for me to accept the reality..
The fact that together we are not meant to be..
At night it stalks me like a shadow on the wall..
This heart of mine begins to howl..
Im scared, so scared..
There’s so much joy and revelry..
Rendering our loving journey..
Help me to conquer this fear and pain..
Treating me like you’ll never see me again..
Was i everything you were looking for?
Or do you wish for something more..
I don’t want our journey to be a memoir..
Written just as the pages in your diary..
Im worried, so worried
You cannot hide the way you feel i realise..
Deep inside your love never demised..
You are the best that ever happened to me..
Accept this, this very reality..
Help me love to strengthen this journey..
Putting more hopes and loving energy..
Maybe love is a hopeless crime..
But let destiny decides in time..
Im hoping , always hoping..

BUSTED by MADER (mother)

I have always been very close with my MOM.. We shared almost everything.. Well of course NOT EVERYTHING.. But I always have my reasons NOT to share EVERYTHING.. There are things I don't want her to know.. It's not like I'm lying or anything like that but just that certain things are so much better if she doesn't know.. Or at least if she still knows, I don't want to know if she knows..

Last year, her voiced out that she doesn't like me to hang out late nights. It's dangerous.. I am very much aware that the world is a very unsafe place.. I didn't argue with her.. What do I expect ? She is my mother (even not real mother), there's nothing much there for me to say. Even if I say, "okay, I won't go out late nights" , still I don't think she would believe me, but to her at least, she had warned me about it..

This morning, ahh damn.. Another one.. One most important thing that she should never found out.. But she did and she again, voice…


We started blogging this Rock Republic officially 2 February 2010..We wanted a simple Guyish website where we can share our thoughts on fashion with other fashion lovers.. We finally settled on blogspot, because we were both technically challenged and it was easy.. It was really exciting at first.. We religiously stalked our blog and our heart would skip a beat whenever we get a comment.. It gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling each time..

Inspiration By Media Outfit Style
Media Office Mood

A little over 9 months ago, I had no idea what blogs were, and I certainly didn’t know fashion blogs will become such a big phenomenon.. I didn’t really know where we were heading when I started Rock Republic name, but it became something I loved. I considered taking I am Fashion further, developing it into something bigger as so many other fashion blogs have done. But, as hard as I racked my brains, I couldn’t come up with a vision of where it can go. And so, I've decided that it was time to make a g…