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I love it here, laying on bed all day onlining..I may not appear online through my MSN or YM, but I am, just that I put on stealth mode..Why? Because I'm lazy to be online.. Im busy watching movies!So yeah, Im having this movie marathon yeah! Ive watched Pursuit of Happiness, inspirational, makes me think that I can be successful no matter who I am.. Then there's Revolutionary Road, awesome movie, super impressive acting by Kate Winslet and her best friend Leonardo Di Caprio.. Nothing less to be expected than them, seemingly, Kate is collecting loads of awards from The Reader and this movie.. She is fantastic, but winning too much is kinda overdoing it.. Then there's Nicole Kidman, my favourite of all..Moulin Rouge, I dont know why Ash loves it so much, to me it's very, urm, unrealistic and fast.. But I am stunned by Nicole's acting, that was the very first time I saw her acting as a slut, with a powerful singing voice..I didnt know she can sing! I expected Johnny D…


Hysterical, Were The World Mine.. Not realistic, magical, in a Shakespeare way..

A lot of guys half naked with tight pants jumping here and there doing ballet.. Hilarious, especially if you imagine a tough manly football team being casted a spell making they fall in love with each other.. Not just them, the whole town.. Results?
A chaotic QUEER problem.. I laughed like hell..

Still the most hilarious part is the tough football guy transformed to ballet dancers.. ROFL..
Why am I watching gay movies? Because I am bored.. This genre seems interesting, I must say.. Unlike stupid Bruno.. WTF.. Worst movie ever..

Off watching more.. Im thinking, Hairspray before I go to sleep.. I cant wait for my Greek Season 1 and 2 to finish downloading. It takes more than a week.. I have to wait.. Hope its finished before I go off..



This is somehow connected to the entry, Like Seriously ? that I posted recently.

I can't stand when people out of the blue be it guys or girls call me sayang, dear, baby or anything like that. This is especially to strangers and people I hardly know. For those close to me, I don't mind, I am fine with that.

Those pet names are sweet but to me, it is very degrading towards those sweet names when you blurt it out randomly to random people. Random here means totally random, like you never even met, but at first conversation , he/she already is your sayang or dear or baby ? Why ?

To some, maybe it's not a big deal. Maybe I'm just not comfortable with the fact that strangers sayang me. I know it may not meant literally sayang or whatsoever but that just doesn't work for me. Somehow I feel like I have the right to choose who to call me sayang, dear or baby.

Pra-Ulangtahun URTV ke 40..

waa..lame giler x updated blog..
lebih2 lagi dlm bahasa carutan.. gne bahasa melayu best skit..
kawan ku ckp sedap nk bace n sangat fun (seronok)..
yeah!! ni skit pic ku upload (muat naik)..
sewaktu Pra-Ulangtahun URTV 40 tahun..
dari kiri: Huzz-Zeha-Shana-And Aku Eiz Haranton..
Ni sebahagian gambar kek yang di taja..
ini kek best dri TV3..

ni dtaja oleh 8TV..

kek yg comel ni dari Siti Nurhaliza Production..
comey kek ni kan..hehe rasanye pun Odap!

ni sebahagian artis yg tlg potong kek..

ini pun sbhgian artis yg tlg potong kek..
sebenarnye byk yg nak dituliskan..
tp mls nk tulis n upload pic..
yg penting..
Selamat Ulang Tahun URTV ke 40..
semoga terus sukses..
dan berjaya dalam dunia majalah hiburan Malaysia..


Sometimes I am tired of the phrase " Please understand ". I am tired of understanding, I don't want to understand anymore. If something hurts me, making me understand it won't make me accept it. So what's the point of understanding it if I can't accept it ?If you want me to understand you, your bloody situation or whatever hell that you expect me to understand, please try to understand me first. If you really understand me, then you should know if I could understand you, your situation or whatever hell that you want me to understand. (yes I just repeated that)Now, understood ?


I do blog walk often.. Most of the times I keep myself updated on my friend's blogs which are mostly I follow on blogger.. Sometimes I do too read random blogs of people I don't know in real life.. Only the good blogs.. School kids blogs, I don't waste my time there..

So about following blogs.. A few days ago a random blogger followed me, well that blogger's photo appeared there on the Follow list.. The next day, that blogger UNfollowed me.. Okay now I got what that blogger meant by 'following' me in the first place.. That blogger actually expected me to follow that blogger's blog back..

I have seen and heard of this thing before.. The 'you follow me, I follow you' thing. Firstly, I follow blogs that I like and I don't follow you just because you followed me.. If I followed you but you didn't follow me back, that is totally fine with me..

I don't really fancy this 'you follow me, I follow you' or ' you comment me, I comment you&…


I am someone who are not very close with my cousins..Last Night i checking my hiding album and found this photo.. Cousins of my Mom's side.. On Mom's side is actually worse..I could say that I am closer with my friends than I am with my cousins whom I actually share the same grandparents.. I have a friend who are very close with his cousins, like a real family.. It's like their cousins are their friends too.. But that doesn't happen to me.. Well I don't really know why I don't really feel that 'family' thing with my cousins.. We are just not close since I was little.. That's pretty sad I think.. Yeah we only met on Hari Raya and that's it.. I am closer with my cousins on my Dad's side.. It's the age matter I think.. My Dad's side, they're about my age.. Mom's side, they are either five years my senior or ten years younger.. Literally. It's easier for my younger brother and sisters.. Most of the cousins are around their ag…


I cant wait for this FEBRUARY MONTH..this is my ENVY month..Feb is my PISCES..Feb is my RED color..Feb is my BIRTHDAY..Feb is my 2 years as JOURNALIST..Feb also is my VALENTINE’S DAY..and for this 2010 February..i love to be MYSELF..people please..And PLEASE stop talking rubbish about me..ONLY i know and knewwho i AM inside outside..thx..sincerely: Eiz Haranton


It is kinda sad that 2009 is finally over and done.. There was so much memories.. 2009 was so sweet.. but I guess everything will eventually comes to an end, good or bad.. This year, my new year celebration is at BUKIT BINTANG.. with my FRIEND & SISTER.. Actually, I never really celebrate NEW YEARS as I can't stand crowds.. No I am not the type who would go for countdowns or such thing.. I celebrate in my own way.. But this year is a amazing New Year for me.. List please.. yeah! Pusing2.. Makan2.. Lepak2.. Karoke2.. Sepak2.. Tampar2.. Ngumpat2.. n lots of activities.. Hahaha.. for atleast i will release my tension..and yang best semuanya tidak dirancang pun.. Sarimah Ibrahim cakap it was ‘Tangkap Muat’..

Wow, it's 2010 now, new year, new dreams.. On New Year resolutions, I don't really have a list..haha.. Well maybe I could have a wish or two.. I just hope that 2010 brings something different for me, I kinda expect there would be a change though.. And hopefully 2010 bri…

Here is my other Charming!

Here is my other Charming..
he's name is Dankie..
from Perth, Australia..
25 years old..
Bartender in Winkle Pub..

I know him since 3 month ago..
we do a chamwore for chatting..
he say im cool and spontaneous..
natural attractive..
beautiful pair of eye's..
love to see my smile..
adore my black hair..

"you're the hottest
and have the sexiest smile,
very mysterious and seducing smile..
And if there was a contest,
you'd win it by A MILE!" -Dankie-

"you're the best ever voice
that i never seen before..
and heard before..
your voice is a summer bird..
thanks for sang song for me," -Eiz-

Sometimes its funny when you've..
intimate with a people thats toooo
far by own ur side..
tapi nak wat camne..
aku hnya anggap dia abg shj..
thanks kerana byk mengajar..
menasihat n beri pendapat.. :)