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After some time.. a YM conversation..

Can I ask you something ?
Been working out any guy ? Anyone approach you ?
Anyone approach me ? hmm let's see. Sure ada. Yesterday, two days ago.. :-)
hahahahha accept or reject ?
you think ?
I don't know..
tak reject , tak accept kot..
owh ok.. mind if I tell you something ?
what is it ?
sometimes I miss you..
what do you miss ?
you, just you.. :D

p/s: btw..the conversational place are not names


Few days back, someone I know of, not really a friend, asked me : Eiz.. what do you think of me ? What's your first impression on me ? Do you think I can be your couple? ( he wall post me on Myspace ) Actually, all his life problems are discussed on his Wall..

Honestly, I didn't really have answers for all that.. This is because first and foremost, I don't really know him, second, I don't really judge on first impression and third, I don't give a damn.. So I just said that you're okay I guess and why? So he said that there are some people who he love are judging him negatively and bad mouthing him around.. He said again, they spread wrong stories about him and that bothered him very much..

The point of him telling me all these is because 'he said' those who did that are my friends on Myspace.. He told me who they are and I corrected him that they aren't really my friends.. They are only people I know too, just like himself.. So he got that wrong.. Wel…
"So I opened my Facebook and I learned that I got lucky! :P" Dear EIZWANUDDIN HARANTON.. Last 3 months my sis was doing a survey or something and she told me I could write in my blog about her.. This morning Im shocked while she tagged me her photo on my facebook wall.. And the album Soldier name have a lot of her picture wore the uniform.. Well congrats sis.. For me you are my best sister ever.. The best journalist/reporter that TV3 got.. I didn't have any doubt about it at all.. You were freaking out sis I still remember.. But that's normal I guess.. Look now, you smart asses are so going to Sarawak reach your dreams ! hehe poyo sikit.. For me you are exposed things I never knew.. But my pesanan is.. "kakak you look so gemuk, you look like jantan while wearing the soldier uniform hahaha.."


"After I got the message from him this Morning..I know he still not understand what im feeling..I actually what he felt..but both of must be realized that we'll be ok soon..please..I hate some of forced.. Im down when the text sound Im just finding him for something not bloom ( i dont really know how he find the words so).. Sometimes i think..who be my friend is easy to laughing with me while have a tittle as a lover.. For me.. If i let my heart to fallen its mean ill let myself in cage.. But if i have a couple status and the networking still like a friend is mean a double amaze for me and you~"
Throughout the years I have fallen in and out of love..Hearts broken then mended then broken then mended again..Sometimes I felt like it will never end where it comes to a point where I felt like I had enough of the game of heart..But in the mean time I find myself letting it happen again..When I let my heart love, I somehow let my heart be hurt too..(its a package)There's no …


"Life is filled with secrets, without secrets there wouldn't be any life. The question is, are you willing to know all of the truth, the real stories out there and are you ready to be chained as their supportive soul? Yes, this is the reality, people. Life's complicated, life's scary and yet life's blissful. Life is a blessing~if talking about sex. its the words will making you worst in your life. For me sex is a waisted time, lost energy and dirt the body. Let it come by itself. Its not the plan. If you think im wrong, dont enter the door i go~"

True! Life is never easy especially when you grow older in every second. There are beautiful moments to enjoy and yet the bitterness of life are always there around us. Secrets after secrets are revealed. With a heavy heart, you tried your best to listen to them and accept it truly as it is. Whether it is dark or a bright one, you can't seem to shut it just like that because the person who simpy let the cat out fr…


As I am trying to blog about this..I am utterly speechless and grateful for whatever that has happened..I dont know where to start and what to say..but point is..I had an AWESOME BIRTHDAY DATE.. Recap, being a FEBRUARY born baby..every year during this period of time it would be school holidays because of Chinese New Year..So everyone would be else where around the world holiday-ing while I would spend my birthday with my family back home..Usually there wont be any celebration until its 20th as the 25th February is my lil bro birthday.. So we would celebrate everything together on that day.. my birthday, my lil bro birthday, my cousin birthday and Valentine's day..and Im always believe that February guys are cool and anergetic kind of.. Also being a February born.. people would tend to forget my birthday..but i dont mind.. I dont blame them.. Its really common, for February babies.. Oh, and the thing that I got used to since I was smaller is I never had a birthday party or a surpris…


Oh my, indecisive is so me. That word so describes me. I am indecisive in almost everything ! and that is not good. I have been like that I think since forever. I can hardly make decisions for myself or other people. It can be as simple as where to lepak tonight or what to wear today ? Still sometimes it's hard for me.

Like now, I have been changing my blog fonts from Verdana to Arial, from smaller to larger. I like Verdana but it seems too big, when I set it smaller, it's too small. Then I changed to Arial, looking at Arial is not as satisfying as Verdana. hmm I know it may be not a big deal to most of you but fonts is a big deal to me. If a blog has fonts that hurt my eyes or just not friendly reading, I won't read. I don't like too big or too small fonts.

Then when it comes to where to eat or lepak, seriously don't ask me. My answer will be nothing but mana mana je lah. If I myself got that kind of answer I will be pissed off because the reason I asked is because …


You were not really there.You said we will have each other.The fact is,only you're the one who's having me and I was not really having you.It seemed like it was only me and in everything,I never really fancied one man show.That was what happened.You didn't take a look at that.I did everything I could and often I received negative feedback from you.We squabbled a lot.That's all we did and that didn't make any of us happy at all.To one point my heart just stopped from everything.It''s like it doesn't know you anymore.It just felt numb.Well,another one arrived.Made me smile,made me laugh until my tummy hurts.I am amused with his presence.Although it doesn't seem real,but it's just good enough for me.At the same time,you returned.Why now? Why do you have to return when things are all good for me.You came back when I need to the least.You were gone when I needed you the most.I guess time is not on our side.Nothing is.It shouldn't be so hard shoul…


I had a rough week last week starting from Monday to Wednesday and it didn't stop up to Friday.. God knows how torturing it was.. I woke up kind of bad Monday morning..
went on at noon.. got a little bit emotional.. Previous posts prove it all..(if u guys still remember) My mind was beyond messed up..
Then I just stop and felt like I need to go to office and just clear my work..
So I did..
At around 11pm i went together with URTV Teams, En.Bad..abg ART..n some of..
This MONSOON trip has been planned for a month I think but it only happened lastweek..
Sadly it was without the people I planned with..(ruhaya)
We reached TERANGGANU at around 12pm.. hung out for a while.. cam whoring.. OMG Abg.ART is a big time cam whore I tell you ! We waited until the sun sets.. Been so long in bus since I went to the Terengganu the weather are so bad.. is raining without non-stop..
It was very nightmare explorer.. Then we had dinner (around at R&R (Temerloh) at this I don't know how they can t…


Is a 2009 Thai horror movie which is divided into 5 short stories directed by Thailand's most prolific Horror-Directors, Paween Purijitpanya ( Body, 4Bia ) , Visute Poolvoralaks ( producer ) , Songyos Sugmakanan ( Dorm, Hormones ), Parkpoom Wongpoom ( Shutter, Alone, Phobia ) , Banjong Pisanthanakun ( Shutter, Alone, 4Bia ) Premiered in Thailand on has become one of Thailand's Biggest Box-Office movie of the year.. Currently it is screened in our local Malaysian cinemas..Overall, the movie is not bad..It's more like a hormedy though especiallythe last story..which is the funniest of them all.. ( I shall not elaborate further about the movie..Some of u guys have seen it..some have's better to google & search instead of me spilling the stories instead hehe.. )..Instead of the ghosts that caught my eyes was actually totally fixated at the J***YU L**NGMAN** haha..My GOD! Trust me! There is something that the Thai JL always manages to…

WAH..Anugerah Skrin 2009..

wah da lme btol x tlis blog..
da lme btol x berdialog ngan kwn2..
hmm..mungkin dsbabkan kesibukan yg cam hanj..
terpaksa melupakn skjp berBLOGGING in.. just nk upload skit pic2 yg..
tergendalan..n beberapa caption utk..
setiap pic..hehe..enjoy..
ni pic sewaktu aku kne cover ASK09 (anugerah skrin 09)
bertempat di dewan PWTC..bertemakan ala2 arab..
Hikayat 1001 Malam..then aku pkai bju tido la..hehe..

ni pic sewaktu aku mintak WAN SHARMILA.. wish utk 4oth URTV..yg tengah tu unknown..

ni EIRMA TV3..thx to EIRMA..
yg pnting 1st time tgk EIRMA Egyptian..
haha..sgt2 cool2..
ni pic antara wartawan2 yg BEST..
bergambar bersama artis2..


A diary is place where you write all your thoughts that came straight from your heart. A lot different from blog! A diary is usually locked and sealed, without letting any other souls to have their eyes set on every lines written honestly on every page of the diary. It is private and confidential, if you ask me. Well, there might be some secret thoughts of yours that you wouldn't want to share with anyone but only to yourself because only you would understand it. So yeah, a diary would be a superb companion..

p/s: so everything written on my blog n diary its only some plz dont blame and ask me why the written is publish on my blog..because only me know what is writte..