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Nobody knows how am I feeling today.Neither have I told anyone nor have anyone even bother to ask. Kak Shana was busy with her work..Kak Roy still muching with her Printcorp guy and Kak Mas was still cant let go her eyes from her computer..Perhaps even if something real bad had happened to me today , no one would know.I hate a lot these feelings I am having right now. I am even afraid of the consequences of these feelings. Knowing me, I could give up without second thought. It did happened to some people I used to care before.I never wanted that to happen but sometimes I just could not help it.I gave up when my heart could not take it anymore. The agony that I have had to deal with is sometimes just too much. Even if I thought I could go through it all and handle it, in the end I collapsed. Maybe I said that I expect nothing after I have given my all but then I am nothing more human than anyone else and my heart is not mechanical. I could not deny that deep inside I seek for a little …


owh i am so suprise when.. someone told n concern about my bahasa.. means bahasa malaysia.. and more to suprise me is a..he wanted me to learn more about.. bahasa melayu and english writing skills.. this is because im a journalist.. but im not sure that im rare journalist as well.. because im always put myself in the writers position.. means in the bottom of journalist level.. (blushing)..

but, someone said that he love my bahasa.. because i'll keep it up my style of bahasa soon.. it simple and more to street american %^&* style.. i remembered that.. and i know why a too much people cant accept my joke.. because is to suxx to understand n will.. make others hurt with my bahasa.. *************************************** 's' for someone/ 'm' for me s: beb, kenapa kau slalu bangga ngan bahasa english? m: haha..i dint say that im proud of it..why? s: yelaa..sikit2 nk speak..ckplah melayu, senang nk faham.. m: la..i rojak bahasa la..why? still cant cath up? s: no, ill dal…


I had the longest Raya this year and the travelling is over now..
It was fun but the weather is no fun at all..
It was and still is a very hot Raya..
The sweat ruining my make up..
hair and my baju melayu is very disturbing..
haih!!Okay enough about Raya..

Anyway,this may be odd but I kind of miss my second home..
I remembered the last time I got back in KUANTAN..
I didn't miss BTS at all..
Okay maybe I don't miss that apartment but..
I miss my friends and I so badly want to lepak with them..

I will only be back in Subang next weekend..
Saturday is the earliest I can come back, for some reasons..
It's not that long actually..
I still have not yet done my assignments which are to
be submitted as soon as the second half of the datelined started..
I better get it all done while I am home..
or I got to sacrifice my lepak time for last minute assignments..
I am not going to let that happen..
So I better get my hand on the pen and papers by tomorrow..

p/s: jgn malas2 k..


It os 08:14hr now..I just woke up and I woke up bad..
it's been a long time since I woke up bad..
I received a text message that I guess had already ruined my day..
The text was so unacceptable that made me replied..

"lagi satu i nk bgtaw i xkan kembali pada aguz!.."

(and I turned off my phone)
there was actually more exclamation marks..
and I don't really write with exclamation marks..
as I think it is rude although some people didn't mean to..It's okay..
So I guess I was being very rude in that text..
I had to be rude considering I was and still beyond mad..
I can't really describe this feeling in a word.
Help me out here..
Find a word to desribe annoyed+irritatted+pissed off..
Make sure the word ends with an exclamation mark.
You know what make it two or three exclamation marks!!!.
yea..justlike that..

p/s: let's see how it goes today.


i have been giving a cold treatment..
to the other half since b4 raya days ago..
I didn't plan this but it happened..
and today it has come to the critical stage..
I don't know where we stand right now..
No last words, no nothing..Just silence..
I may have said things I didn't mean..
I let my emotions control me..
lately and that's a bad sign..
My mind..negative..My heart..negative..
Sometimes,I don't know what I'm saying..
Sometimes I don't know what I want..
Is this just another bumpy ride oooooorrrr..

"we need some air to breathe?"

p/s: i miss you much

JUST TRIP TO JB..include stupid story tale..

This year I will be spending my Raya in MELAKA..
Yeah a lot of travelling I must say..
and that starts tomorrow where I will be heading to JOHOR..
I should be packing but I am not..
I will have my Raya holidays for 1 weeks..
and that include my cuti raya.Yay!

At this moment..I already have all that I need for Raya..
Everything's checked..I guess this Raya would be like..
any other Raya before..Okay maybe the difference is..
I may not be getting as much of duit raya like before..
and Im celebrate this raya with JENG3..
I am 21..Oh come on,to think again,nobody's..
too old for money right? at least for me ;P
nak duet raya jugekk!!

I am hoping that Dad's broadband..
could get its signal in KUANTAN..
this time so that I could update my blog..
and Facebook during my time there..(but its not work)
The last time I was there,internet sucked..
Well if it's not then I guess I'll only be able to online after..
I get out of KUANTAN which would be oooonnnn..
the 7 SYA…


Time:23.30 pm

Hey..keep talking..


Steak and Stones
may break my bones
but words will
never hurt me.. ceewahh lah..hehe..
Day : Monday
Time : Night
Weather : Chill.Calm
Location : Ampang
Present : damsel in distress , the guy in
WHITE Topman shirt with the witnesses

Ding Dong ( doorbell )
door opened.
the guy in white Topman jersey entered.
damsel in distress - tight faced.


only a few words exchanged.
Damsel in distress back to the room.
CluelessDunhill 14 + N76 + lighter in handwalked out the room,
straight to the front door
Door Slammed! On the phone with the rebound guy.
two cigars burnt the clean lungs.
someone's coming from behindit was the guy in Topman white jersey
but he was now in a red t-shirt Blood rushed Dunhill 14+lighter hiddenwell,
he saw Cigars snatched Harsh words exchanged between the two Ego arose.
" Why? "" Why in hell should you care ?! "


Back in the room

Questions asked again and again
Unsatisfied answers givenEgo arose
"It's all you"
" What about me ?"
" I know nothing about you."
" Where the hell have…


When you are in a large crowd of people, what is your initial thoughts?
"i need to get out of here"- i do not like crowds..

When's the last time you played Truth or Dare?
school days.never liked it though..suxx!!

When's the last time your air conditioner came on?
it's on all the should ask when's it off..
hehe ngorngok S ni..

What's the last kind of cookie you ate?
Vanilla Ice Cream with Chic Choc..yummy..

Do you know anyone who was adopted?
yes kot..

Have you ever imagined yourself with the last name of the person you like?
yes ;) but how it sound good in Eizs***i?..

Do you want to dye your hair anytime soon?
no but i want it darkbrown wif Pob hairstyle..

How long have you had your current cell phone?
17 just answer..

Have you ever experienced contagious yawning?
is yawning contagious? trouble writing hah? hehe..

are you sick right now?
not so sick.but not too well..wheres helmi act''?

Do you like to cook?
oh no..but try so hard for my lover oneday…


It's 6.17 a.m right now..
Oh my God that's really early for me..
I actually woke up at 7 a.m!.
I have actually had barely 4 hours of sleep..
I set my alarm at 7 a.m but I woke up earlier than that..
It is very rare for me to remove and cancel my alarm..
I only knew how to snooze the alarm before..
Impressive EIZ! You woke up early and didn't have to press the snooze button..
*Clap! Clap!. Okay so my work is at 9.30 a.m..
dressed up and then I have about an hour to go and walk to my office..
I then took my time replying his text messages ..
which he sent at about 1.36 a.m and there were 1 text messages from him..
So I just took my own sweet time replying the messages..
In my heart..hope u'll done cool ur exam today..
Okay that's one thing about him that I can't beat..
No matter how early(Kot) I woke up in the morning,.
he will still be earlier than me..(means his sms)..
Oh but it's not fair,he sleeps earlier than I do..kotlah..
So after I replied his text messages, went to my…


"Dear ANDY, I don't have much time. I don't mean literally, I mean you're out buying vanilla ice cream and you'll be home soon. But I have a feeling this is the last letter, because there is only one thing left to tell you. It isn't to go down memory lane or make you buy a candle, you can take care of yourself without any help from me anymore. It's to tell you how much you move me, how you changed me.
You made me a man, by loving me **. And for that, I am eternally grateful, literally. If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you're sad, or unsure, or you lose complete faith, that you'll try to see yourself through my eyes. Thank you for the honor of being my someone. I'm a man with no regrets. How lucky am I. You made my life, Ibie... But I'm just one chapter in yours. There'll be more. I promise. So here it comes, the big one. Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal, when life as you know i…


Msuk2 jew opis pagi ni.. tgk2 atas meja ade hadiah Hari Raya.. dari SURIA F.M.. ngee~hamper mcm ni byk da ni..
so aku bka la..then bgi kt akak2 yg baik..
ngan aku kt Opis ni..kasi sama2 merasa..
then..lps tgh hari tdi..
bru blik dri MAYBANK..
tgk gaji da msuk ke lom..
smpai jew di opis..dpt hadiah RAYA lgi..
kali ni dri AiZAt plak..skali ngan DEMO..
n sampul duit raya PIC die..hehe..rezeki2..
Ni KAD raya dri AiZAt..
kad raya die kreatif siot..
mls nk tnjuk..ngee~
bru sempoi dpt hamper n kad raya..
huhu..duit raya jew x dpt lgi..
then dlm jam 4.30pm lakz..
g la toilet jap..sbb ngah hadoo..
then jew kt table smule..
tgk ade kad raya..igt artis mana plak bgi..
besar2 mcm ni..last2 suh kak aya yang buka..
then isi dlm die..OMG!!!
satu URTV team bce..wah blushing giler haku!!
inilah die org yg bgi kad raya
TERBESAR itu..hehe..thank you..
aiy00..mana mau sorok muke ni? huhu~


Fuhh!!! puas gile dapat gunting rmbut sndri.. bru rse fresh..bru rse tenang..bru best..
sbb aku mmg brniat if sape2 dpt happykan hati aku smule..
aku akan korbankan rmbut yg menjadi kegilaan aku (posh)

akhirnya si dia berjaya membuatkan aku..
utk memotong sndri rmbutku..
walaupun aku bkn terer nk potong sndri hehe..
mish u..mish u so much..
tp kadangnya aku cam tkut if ade sape2.. yg tersinggung jika aku rapat ngan die..
tkut juga rmai yg slh anggap ttg aku..

by the way..biarlah aku rahsiakan dulu siapa.. org yg telah membuka kunci seorang HARANTON..
tp aku btul2 minta maaf pd sape2.. yg x senang dengan diriku ini..
wlau ape2 pun..aku x pernah menggunakan..
khidmat bomoh mahupun susuk (ahakz!)
untuk membuat orang di sekeliling tunduk.. meminati..sayang..suka..cinta..sama aku..
yang penting jadi diri sendiri dan..
bawa sebaiknya perwatakan dan peribadi..
diri sendiri..

sekarang ini mungkin aku trlalu busy..
aku trlalu busy mengejar cita2..
supaya destinasi cinta n cita aku..
akan menjadi seperti alam khayalan …


Bestnye kalau aku ini penulis lirik.. akan aku karangkan sebuah lagu rancak..
khas buat si adik angkat aku yg ngorngok itu,.
dan yang pasti nama lagu itu..

wow itu tulisan tgn k.. handwriting omputeh kate (biaselah aku bodo skit omputeh ni)
yg penting bukan dri komputer hehehe.. so i pun reply SELAMAT HARI RAYA jugekkk!!!


Apa yg ada di dalam ini heh?
berat semacam jew bile angkat.. xtaw la sape yg bgi..tiba2 ada org tlg htr..
cam pelik tapi benar pun ade gakz..
tp yg pntg bungkusan ini Sweet warnanya..
ini nota yg berada di kad berkenaan.. x perlu suh org len htr kot..
cam bley htr sndri jew..
bukannye xde kederat kot..ngee~(azim jgn geget jari kaki k..)
ini adalah isi dari bungkusan yg bwh itu..
yg bungkusan kecil itu..biar aku SAHAJA tahu k..
ngee~patutlah..sadar x sadar raya da nk dekat..
patutla dpt beskot raye..(so mmg aku x fikir bukan2 k)
"aku masih pertahankan statement artis aku"


I was asked to write a poem by one of my friends at home..
he wanted to recite it in front of the VC..
and he wanted the poem to be about a person, sacrifices him/
herself in saving people's lives by donating part of his/her liver...
the main thing is, i was rushing in making this piece...
so the result might not that good.... :-)
n im try to be good on Bahasa Melayu Puisi writing..try lah..hehe :-)

Aku senyumkan anak muda itu,
Dari kekusutan lama yang tertangis derita pilu,
Aku tawakan bibir nipis anak muda itu,
Hingga mampu mengukir kuntuman rindu,

Yang telah lama ditiup sengsara lalu..
Ku selak tirai hidupmu bersama anak muda itu,
Tiada arus darah yang sama kiranya begitu,
Sedangkan mungkin,

Yang melahirkannya pun tidak mampu,
Yang menjaganya pun tidak punya waktu,
Untuk memberi sekeping pintu,
Yang menjadi jalan keluar dari pedih hati sakit itu..

Hati itu kau beri kecintaan,
Hatta perasaan tidak berbalut dalam rongga kemerahan,
Walau kau tahu,
Memberi kepingan hatimu,

Ibarat memotong usia kecergasan…



cube teka apa yg di DOAkan? photo:aziem
aku mendoakan supaya memBUSYkan diri..supaya cepat melupakan orang itu..

aku xmo sia2kan cita2 aku untuk berjaya sblm umur 30..
now aku bru 20..n turning to 21 on dis DEC..
walaupun masih belum puas enjoy dunia remaja..
tp xpe.. yg penting im still SuperB! 20..

beb bukan senang nk berkerjaya dalam umur sebegini..
lebih2 lgi di kelilingi dengan org yg sudah matang..
tapi xpelah..cube je beb..untung2 senang bina NAMA..

beb..aku hope nti kau faham kenapa aku..
buat kau macam tu beb..aku buat itu sume..
adalah ingin mengejar SESUATU..
sesuatu yang tidak perlu aku sebutkan..

beb..dalam umur yg masih muda n kuat ni..
kau timbalah sebanyak mungkin ilmu n skill..
carilah ape talent yg kau ade n polish la sebaiknya beb..
so aku hope kau akan trus sukses..n jgn lupe kn aku..
n yg penting tlg aku cri BECKHAM beb.. ;-P

"Andy..for all the things happen..
aku x pernah salahkan kau..
hope kau di atas sana baik2 sahaja.."-E/S


arini jom kite buka buku baru..
ahakz..kalu xde buku lagi..
g kedai POPULAR cepat..
byk design yg lawa2 dlm tu..

aziem minta maaf ek sbb tengking2 kau babe..
wan sorry beb sbb aku, kau da lawan2..
ngan abang angkat kau..sorry gile2 beb..
so arini malas da nk ingat sape2..
kite sama2 jalani kehidupan sendiri..

kalu punya peluang later kiter bor..bor lagi..
hem pun malas dan nk over entertain dlm..
hubungan korang..yang penting pas ni..
aku nk jage adik aku sorang jew si Aziem..
hope kau jgn ngade2 lgi mls blajar..
if x reti ape2 tnye aku (hebat plak aku)
atleast im good than THEM..kot..
aku akan cube ajar ape yg aku taw la..
n aku leh jdi PERSONAL TUTOR kau..

mimpi aku pagi tadi dah membukakan mata aku..
untuk tahu meniti jalan2 yang wangi lgi bersih..
hey nti 14hb aku pergi buka puasa kt.. nk ikot ak?
huhuhuhu..later la ek? yg pnting..........
aku nk gak mkn free NASI AYAM kau..

"JIE ko jgn main lagi JI…


i would like to take this opportunity to wish
everyone especially My Muslim Friends (FLUPS)

Alhamdulillah, we are about complete our Ramadhan (Soon la)
this year and hopefully we will meet Ramadhan again next year InsyaAllah.
Remember to continue doing all the good things that we have done
in this Ramadhan month even after Ramadhan ends.

(even it make me hurt wif someONE).
Hope that we have found the 'Taqwa' that we seek and become a better person
after a month of Ramadhan Madrasah.

Lastly, for S..AZIEM..AKIELUL n last but not list ARM..
Enjoy your holidays and enjoy your time with your family and couple
in this FESTIVE SEASON. Make full use of holidays ya! Enjot it!
and dont eating like theres no tomorrow. Over-eating is dangerous! ;-)

"Ada ketikanya MATA silap memandang,
TELINGA salah mendengar,
LIDAH terlanjur berkata,
FIKIRAN khilaf menafsir,
& HATI silap menduga,
MOHON MAAF atas segalanya. " …